March 4th, 2003

2020 lack of vision


I was trying to get on with unit plannning today but unaccountably each time I start to try my brain tries to crawl out through my eye. (Huh? What's that supposed to mean? Maybe I have a migraine coming on?)

Woke up (in an unaccountably good mood) to discover that skanky stink-powered almost Bad Guy The Flea! has a suggestion for me. "The Flea suggests that you should stay in bed for another hour, Jeremy." The Flea always talks about himself in the third person, but in his case it seems less an affectation and more because he is not entirely sure that he and The Flea are the same person.

Fortunately, champion of truth, justice, family and doughnuts Buena Girl is there to save me from my sloth. "No, Jeremy, that is not buena!"

I compromised, and walked quickly into work instead, meaning that I got in a bit late but feeling energised and ready to work.

Then I opened up the attachment on D's urgent Unit Plan email. Gzzzzzzzoink. I'm sure that the Code of Masked wrestling would have something to say about the situation, but what? Ricochet? Buena Girl?

But damn! my whining brain is fully awake now, and Ricochet, The Flea and Buena Girl (stars of ¡Mucha Lucha!, NEW on Cartoon Network) have gone the way of all liminal hallucinations.

Maybe, "a true luchadora knows when she is fighting in the wrong ring!"
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