March 11th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

night in (I need a new brush)

Visit to HesselandThis week's strip, my most pretentious so far. Does it make it any better to say it was practically beamed into my migraine-addled head while I tottered feebly round the Tate with my lovely little sister? No, you're right, that makes it worse. It took me a couple weeks to bring myself to finish it, I felt vaguely ashamed of it, somehow. I was going to do something about men peeing in the street. Or was it giant snakes in bed? Lucky you, getting an inpenetrable anthropological ramble about a dead artist instead. Don't worry, I didn't actually touch the art, nor did I encourage small children to sleep in it. Much. Anyway, the really fragile stuff was under glass.

In other artistic news, I was contacted by a guy from comixpedia investigating online journal comic artists. I suppose Pete's handy stripblogger label has competition. Given that I use Livejournal, you think I'd be happy enough to call it a journal, but, hm. Stripblogger sound neat. And the 5 line self potrait site just updated --- I'm in Gallery 20, right next to a Russian artist who looks suspiciously like me. Bet we use the same graphics tablet ....

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