April 22nd, 2003

2020 lack of vision

so, returned from Easter(con)

Where, among other things, I attended a Livejournal mixer event. Never very good at these things (always too painfully self-aware) but interested to meet some virtual/mutual friends in real life. I also bought a great many books (including some more nice J G Ballard paperbacks but no Tim Powers; the reactions from the dealers (when asked) ranged from an instant negative to blank look to yes, but back at the shop. Oh well. Once again, looking for all the wrong things in all the wrong places.

Glad, however, that pretty much all the people I chivvied/bugged/persuaded into going seemed to really like it. Even when I dragged them into dramatic reconstructions of key moments from Blake's 7.
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mental gender/mental agenda

Over the weekend, several people round here linked to online quizzes from usually reputable sources about ways of thinking. The BBC are talking multiple intelligences (I have three!) while the Guardian provide another unsatisfying test for the gendered mind. I came out as balanced type-b -- which at least puts it above those tests which assess me definitely a man -- but the questions were still leading -- too many questions about hobbies, fashion and pets in the "female brain" section, too many about cars, computers and sport in the "male brain" section. Of course (the writer is at pains to point out) men can have female brains and vice versa, but like all yes-no divisions, it's a bit simplistic to be satisfying; the angel-devil model of personality except substituting a blousy cat-wreathed earthmother whispering, "doormat, scatty, weepy, irrational" on one shoulder, and a tech-wreathed alpha trainspotter muttering "pedant, nerd, loser, geek" on the other. Collapse )
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