April 28th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

return of the sociologist

Kris Cohen, the nice guy researching photo blogs who interviewed me last november, is back again. He's concerned about the lack of represeantation of women in his study and wants to interview some more (he's doing commercial/academic reasearch, so a good gender balance *is* necessary, please let's not get started on that old chestnut) so wants to talk to more women who post photos.

jinty, elleblue I have of course already suggested you both. Hope that's OK (he's reasearching for University of Surrey, elleblue; jinty, I'm pretty sure you know all about him already). If anyone has any other photo-posting women on their friends list, please suggest them in comments below; please bear in mind that he needs to conduct his interviews *face-to-face* so don't start suggesting your friends in the wider world, no matter how great their photos are! UK train network only, please. Any near/in London especially welcome.

Oh -- green_amber I also suggested to Kris that you might be a good person to ask about people as you have loads of UK friends. Hope you don't mind ...
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