May 10th, 2003

2020 lack of vision


going to gigs with SiouxieNext couple of weeks I probably won't have time to post weekly strips because of other stuff I'm doing for Comics 2003/Caption/Work. Lucky lucky me. Instead I'll be posting progress pages -- this one is the first page of Going to Gigs with Siouxie, a short story I'm doing for the next minicomic.

Normal service will be resumed when normality returns. Or earlier, if at all possible.
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2020 lack of vision

1903 journal entry meme propogation

There's a my-journal-entry-from-100-years-ago meme on the rampage (I caught it from weetanya) but I haven't seen many contributions from the UK -- anyone want to join in (Steampunk fantasies most welcome!)

Without further ado:

Opened school early today so the farm children could get in an hour before sunrise. Their accents are atrocious, but one cannot fault their eagerness to learn. Took a private lesson in the afternoon for Mr Slade's lad, would rather not waste my time on such an unpleasant young gentleman (I fear for his workers when he inherits the factory) but the money is desperately welcome. Mr Bowden dropped around to make more charitable offers. Extricated some small quantity of monies after lengthy and overly suggestive conversation. Fortunately dear Alexander present, do not know what I would do without his tireless help and support. Would be criminal were he to be married off to that lug Miss Cripps, though I fear his family may act soon for his friendships are becoming increasingly inappropriate. Mr Bowden did not propose marriage but I suspect he will soon try; probably reasoning that at my age, one should be desperate. Have resolved to die a spinster. Am not that desperate.

Another night with no coal. Fortunately my constitution holding up well enough. My dear friend Miss Leigh has sent me another pamphlets (heaven knows how she is affording the postage) about the suffrage movement. Of course I could not have left town as she did, but still I envy the excitement and freedom of her life.

Still, we all do our part. Though I am a poor tutor of needlework, I take great care that my young ladies may read the bible, speak fair and tally a shop bill. Perhaps still more importantly, I encourage them to live their lives with more reflection. Needless to say, it is an uphill struggle. All they care for is ribands, billets-doux and those young men who can command carriages.

Cough a little better. Hole in shoe. Shall I to the chemists or the cobbler tomorrow on my afternoon off? As you can see, my life continues a giddy whirl.

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