May 20th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

introducing the picky-picky game

Sometime last year, Damian and I had a great idea in a restaurant. We wrote it on the back of a napkin and everything. The idea being to combine the picture uploading thrills of sites like The Mirror Project and the Five Line Gallery with the satisfying interaction of comics games like Sisterson, Gin'n'Comics and Comics Consequences/Exquisite Corpse.

The idea is more-or-less straightforward comics consequences; the challenge is just to submit the next panel in a sequential story. But the trick is that while you're submitting the next panel the last set of submissions are being voted on, so you have quite a challenging task on your hands; can you submit a panel that will work well with any of the previous candidates? Or will you put your trust in your favourite winning? You have your own vote, after all; several votes, in fact, as we're using approval voting.

When the voting closes, the panels get shuffled into a heap with the favourite on top; click on them to see the rest of the candidates, or to rearrange the story to use your own favourite panels and improve or derange the storyline.

Well, Damian's got a version of it up on the Caption website now (new toy! great joy!) and though at the moment its past is just a muddle of test images and blank panels as of next week it's going sequential! And if any of you talented artists out there would like to give us a hand with ironing out the wrinkles and help us start to build a story, that would be very nice of you.!

So, please, come play with the Picky Picky Game.

NOTE: It's still very much in the test stage, and though we've tested it on quite a lot of browsers/OS we don't quite have the set at home. So if you encounter errors or problems, please leave a message below.
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