May 29th, 2003


needs new methods of motivation

Tasks, tasks, tasks, they're failing to engage me. Since the end of last week I've been obsessing over this memory and it keeps coming back to me at odd times; the piles of stuff on my floor, pigeons huddling in the tower, hot smell of rotting flowers. Can't get it out of my head. Tried writing it down to get rid of it and discovered big chunks of the memory missing, filled up instead with a load of la-la-la-I'm-not-listening crud. So still can't get it out of my head, and now it's even more complicated. But right now, I need to stop thinking about that and instead get on with my annual report (an overview of the years' work with case studies, statistics and appropriate quotes) but it's so boring going over work you've already done, I just can't work up the motivation. Urgh. Motivate! Motivate! Like Captain Star, who had his alarm clock wired to make his ship explode unless he got out of bed and saved the day. That's it, I need to set my computer to explode if I don't get my annual report done this afternoon (and only three days late), that's what.

Oh yeah, and I bet you never knew that this many comics journallers were out there! And check out who's standing behind me! And Jhosephine who's my favourite of the ones I've looked at so far!

Speaking of which, come on! Doesn't somebody else want to join in with the Picky Picky game?
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