June 4th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

reading matter

going to gigs with siouxie, page 3"They forget the etymology of the knee, approved by some grammarians. They disturb the position of the young ones in the womb; which upon extension of the legs is not easily conceivable and contrary to the general contrivance of nature. Not do they consider the impossible exclusion thereof, upon extension and rigour of the legs."

"Saw beautiful faces on my pillows and on my sheets; Harriet's and a nun's. Have been aware of Harriet all day like a taste on my palate. The ring finger on my left hand has been numb to-day as well. For no apparent reason a large piece of wood fell out of the dinner table this morning. (Crash.)"

"Since I pretend not to know that my look can bring death even to the planets revolving in space, he who claims that I do not possess the faculty of memory is not mistaken, What remains for me to do is to smash this mirror to pieces with a stone ... it is not the first time the nightmare of temporary loss of memory has taken hold of my imagination whenever, by the inflexible laws of optics, I happen to stand before my own unrecognizable image!"

"228 Full of courtesy, full of craft Beware of a man who is too extravagantly polite, for he is probably trying to cheat you. See also MANY KISS THE HAND THEY WISH TO CUT OFF (448)."

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