June 19th, 2003


brain went tits up again

Going to gigs with Siouxie, stillOut flat for an hour or two, I forget. Evening gone, so much for watching Secretary tonight. Lights not even very pretty. Unimpressed. Didn't my migraines used to be interesting? Three clean sheets of paper on my table. Very white.
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weird moments with chat and troubled sleep

Last night I opened my email to a picture of my Dad's girlfriend and my younger sister comparing bumps. The pitter-patter of tiny transgenerational feet draws near ...

My key volunteer (bless him) told me I couldn't give other people advice on kicking the chat habit until I'd given it a good try myself, so last night saw me downloading ICQ and then wondering what the heck to do with it. Do you just go up to strangers and say, hey, wanna chat? (shades of going into my first dyke club) I don't think I'm going to be very good at that ...

I fetch up coming home from the pub with a copy of The Sticky Fingers of Time which is apparently a film about hard-boiled mutant lesbian time-travelling detectives. Apparently I'm supposed to return it to its owner (e_peyps) but I think it may have to pass through my DVD player first ...

Getting too blurry to stay awake but unwilling to sleep without having done something first I scribble at chapter two on my Palm. The pattern on my pants box it doing the migraine dance so I close my eyes, still writing. When I open my eyes again realise I Grafitti better with my eyes closed (but don't manage to do enough to stop bad dreams and troubled sleep).

The Picky Picky game has gathered only nine votes this week! Damnation! and after we got a mention on bugpowder, too. Vote, you maniacs! It clocks tomorrow! And unless people start picking favourites it's likely to be a three-way draw ...
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