June 26th, 2003


the union have done it again

Double-booked the site for Caption weekend, that is. So much for my happy, productive day. I'm now spending it scratching around my head trying to figure out how to fit around the requirements of the other people booked in. Everything they want to do is on Saturday, not Sunday, but they still want the garden, the hall, and the main site in the evening, plus, splitting the site between two groups doesn't go well, that's why we have it out of term in the first place.

This is the group that routinely book it for four weeks in July, this year they opted to have four weeks ending Sat 4 Aug ... What annoys me most is that this isn't even the first time it's happened. The Union tried to pull the exact same thing on us several years ago, complete with the whole, Oh you won't be able to have the bar in the evening thing. That time we managed to beat them back to Fri, but what are out chances this year? Sod's law suggests that the amount of time, effort and enthusiasm put in will work against us, which leaves me feeling nervous, especially after how I was working out genre conventions of cyberpunk over coffee this morning for the Sunday workshop ...

So, Caption 2003's future's in the balance. This is grim as all get-out. And yes, the Union say they've renegotiated for next year, so there won't be the problem then, but, but .... every year we have problems, things go wrong, it's so much bloody bother. But we never missed a year. If we do, will we ever get back to it

For background and further discussion on this, see this entry in the caption community.
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2020 lack of vision

news from the market

Gods, it's hot in here.

Friends in Oxford, the Thursday market is getting much better than the usual old tat, bongs and coats. Today we found a brand-new record stall with a small, but exquisitely formed, selection of CDs (oxfordhacker, this means you can get your Dubstar CD back now) in addition to those big vinyl-y thingies. The nice man on the stall said he'd be back next week if he could, but it's farmer's market so he might not get the stall. Also a Fair Trade Stall with a very nice selection of food and sparkly things. Did you know Oxford is trying for Fair Trade City status? No, we didn't, either. You can read all about it on the rather delightfully named http://www.fairfox.org.uk . Apparently Cambridge is trying for it, too, and there's a bit of a race on ...

I ran out of tea and panicked and went to Marks and Spencers (assuming that they'd probably have red tea as they have pretty much everything really) and found they'd gone all luxurious with their frilly teas. Green Tea with Citrus. Peppermint and Spearmint. Green Tea and Jasmine. That's me sorted for the next 60 cups of tea. They were also selling little bottles of Limeade with Ginger. Quite a lot of ginger. Really good.

In other news, fourteen people so far today have tried to sell me viagra. How much viagra can there be in the world?

And someone said something sensible in Texas: "the state argued that the sodomy "has nothing to do with marriage or conception or parenthood and it is not on a par with these sacred choices". Nice to have some good news after all the frothing over the gay bishop (though it's probably just good because the frothing hasn't started yet).
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