July 10th, 2003

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Pornographer's DairyShould I feel guilty that this week's strip is a comic strip about writing a comic strip? Songs about Songwriting suck and all that ... however the absurdity of writing a soft-porn comic strip for Naked* couldn't pass without comment. Not with the frilled quail of happiness getting all perky on me. The theme of this quarter's Naked was supposed to be spacey -- I instantly thought of Barbarella (which happens a lot anyway) hence the idea of having Angel (an actual Angel, with wings, sorry Buffy fans) wearing a silly pair of feathery shorts. But they were getting in the way of the story (literally) so I removed them; which was a shame because they looked really funny. Had Groucho Marx eyebrows and everything ... I'd been asked to keep inside obscenity laws, which in the UK means steering clear of spread-wide labia and (oh-ho!) cocks which have risen above 90º ... it rapidly turned into a contest to see just how many delicate parts I could hide behind wings, helmets, flying clothes, convenient elbows, etc. etc.

Inevitably, I forgot one. Well, if it's a problem (and it has to be about the most self-effacing cock I've ever drawn) they can always pop a fig-leaf over it during lay-out. It might even be quite funny. After all, it's been done to many better men than me ...

Incidentally, I (worried) asked Damian about the panel he appears in; does it imply he's a heterosexual man who can't express what he finds attractive about women, or that he doesn't know what het. men find attractive because he isn't one? And is he OK with that?

Damian: (considers)
Damian: I think the joke works either way.
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