July 11th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

ghost bait outside the old prison

The holes in the old prison yard are pretty deep now; standing on the observation platform looking out over the neatly-labelled clean-cut dips and hollows a definite wave of coolness comes up out of the deeper layers of soil. No skeletons in evidence; perhaps they've taken them all away already. Perhaps the initial reports of plague pits were exaggerated, but there are a couple of doubtless very interesting walls. At the other end of the site, by the entrance, there's a length of yellow waving coil sticking out from under the solid metal fence, held steady by a rock, a chunk of cast-iron drain pipe and the rib of a some large animal. It looks for all the world like some sort of spirit extractor, designed to draw ghosts off-site where they can disperse safely into the fumes of New Street. Or perhaps it's bait left out to catch amateur archeologists.

Wondering how closely I'd been following the news this week, I did the BBC weekly news quiz and fetched up reading yet another case of researcher finds what he's looking for -- their previous related story on a similar subject Jealous types 'have different-sized feet' puts the story at the right level. Which just goes to show that quizzes are not a great way to learn ...

Obsevation is better. Here are some nice swifts.
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