July 17th, 2003


Sunnydale Noise Subelement

Going to gigs with Siouxie, Page 6Sound a lot like a moment in time being deconstructed, reconstructed, revisited in detail, spun around, panned around, moved through, taken from its context and repeated until it has not meaning except what it is. Alternatively like a light artifact on a lens pulled out of its two-dimensional state and rotated partially against a sky blue background, repeatedly, while the extra light artifacts it created spun crazy in a flat sky. Alternatively, like standing ankle-deep in stone while bright foil shuddered at a bisecting point just below the eyes, hands pushing through folded/folding metal. Eeebleee broke their amp.

When I got home, I scanned this week's strip.
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another disaster

Hurrah for the hot weather! Added to everything else, the computer that the Picky Picky game was running on melted this morning, taking the database of pictures with it. I'm blaming myself for having told someone important about it last night. Damian's blaming himself for not yet having made a planned programming change which would have made this even more impossible than it was anyway. Both of us are sick as parrots. And will probably be up very late tonight. Again.

... (sob)

We're retrieving the pictures from browser caches, but there's one picture we may not be able to recover; a panel which was submitted for this week that neither of us had looked at yet. Does it belong to anyone reading this?
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