July 18th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

ruddy aftermath/I forgot what free time is

Cheers to those of you who called last night -- sorry we didn't get back to you, but (as might be expected) the day our beloved baby project collapses in a pile of melted pixels was also the day Damian was working flat-out for a presentation to a European project meeting next week and I was reviewing a bunch of students too foppish to start their play on time.

Detective work through friends' browser caches (thank you all!) restored most (working towards all) of the pictures last night, though the game isn't yet working. That's a job for tonight, so sorry to anyone who thought we were coming round (Rowland?).

Woke up feeling like monkeys had been beating me with planks all night. Little bastards. At least I only had one mosquito to kill compared to the 23 the previous night (Damian: no wonder the rats fear you.) before I could sleep. Enormously cheered by a small envelope from crazycrone containing a pin-up for Bender (but good for me, too!) and funny funny google minicomic (you are a genius!) Why am I cursed? (I think, along those lines anyway) which was just what I needed to be reading right then. Also a £1 money-off voucher for gin and some free address labels from the PDSA (haven't they learned yet?), some compensation for pain.

I can think of several people who might be interested in an evening with Beth Orton at Oxford Town Hall.