July 19th, 2003


I am almost afraid to say this, but ...

The Picky Picky game rises up like a phoenix from the flame. I've tested the uploading (the first upload was touch slow, but it now seems to be fine) voting (please go and place your own votes) and the new archive page 0 (panels cycling as they should).

As ever, bug reports, suggestions, ideas, etc. -- leave as comments or send to me or Damian (damiancugley).

Thank you to everyone who helped re-establish the content. We're still waiting on a few pictures We now have them all back, including the elusive panel by Mike from last week. I won't need the B&W copy after all!

Oh, and Lance Armstrong was beaten by Ulrich in the time triall today. Underdog triumph! I will take it as a good omen.

The 1-bit porno show is progressing nicely, bitmaps and inverts and 50% thresholds. Who knew there was so much fun in such small file-sizes?
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