August 14th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

drinking coffee to see if I'm too sick to go to work

going to gigs with Siouxie, page 8I am a plonker. Those perfectly-sized pages from the workshop, the ones which would fit perfectly on my scanner? About 50mm too wide. So it's going to take me a bit longer to get the workshop online than anticipated, as I'll have to scan them in two chunks and stitch. Grrrrr. Still, at least it's a Siouxie week so not too much of my own work this week. (Speaking of evenings this week, I got the time wrong for Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow thursday -- 7.50pm, Magdalen Street Odeon.)

I wasn't going to post one of these, but badasstronaut made me such a nice one:


can't remember a
bloody thing about the most
self-effacing cock
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