August 28th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

getting rid of moths the natural way

Well, the bad news is that my little problem at work isn't resolving. Mr Boom has now had a worm pulled and his hole patched three times -- and been reinfected three times, the third time within seconds of my putting the phone down on IT support. In the meantime, I'm not getting the report I need finished for next week done. But I am getting stress-related eczma.

The good news is that thanks to trained aromatherapist dotty I know have a little brown bottle full of something that smells lovely to me, but which (apparently) will persuade the moths to move into my neighbour's house. Those I don't kill for their careless fluttering. Ah, death smells sweet.

Feeling insufficiently traumatised, I went to the UPP to see Dark Water, which finished the job nicely. (It was more than just) take equal parts Fascination and Don't Look Now, put them in a nasty tower block, and add water. Bad water. Like in Ring, the problem is the ghosts that are soggy, smeary, sticky. That cling. Also like Ring, it has a sensible domestic message: fix drips before they get serious.

Going to Gigs with Siouxie, Page 9... oh, and that's it for Going to Gigs with Siouxie. Siouxie Shogun will return ...
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2020 lack of vision

is it something in the air?

Gods, what a weekend it's been (generally a bad sign, when you're writing that on a Thursday). Half the people on my friends list seem to be throwing fits, deleting journals left, right and centre, and making major, life-changing decisions. And, on top of that, the wordoftheday (dropandgiveme50) is "equipoise". What am I supposed to write about "equipoise"? Something about dolphins?

Listen, I like reading all your journals (yes, you too, monkeyhands). You wouldn't be on my friend's list otherwise. I don't comment so much, but what's the point if I have nothing useful to add?

In other news, how the hell can (period) pain so severe it wakes me up be normal, and can I expect this every month from now on?
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