September 14th, 2003

2020 lack of vision

happy holidays

My holiday so far: sleeping (complex, but derivative dreams), Belleville Rendezvous (wheel-spinning, harmonizing, train-barking frog-chomping fun!), bridge of light and bad corner sandwiches (maybe it was art?), all-female Taming of the Shrew (dirty and sweet, with excellent beards), construction work at the Tate (shimmery shiny panels and abseiling artists), Andy's 40th birthday party (streamers, gin), shopping for sausages (we were restrained and only bought six), Jo's barbecue (sunshine, grapes, surreal kitten), lazy walks (river, dragonflies, waterlillies and parched trees, sunflowers, brown grass and golden leaves), Spirited Away (beautiful magic wistful with a chorus of what's-happening-now) from the kids behind us) and, hm, I think more sleeping.

Shoot-out at used-to-be-hushThis week's strip is the true story of my last lunch out with my co-workers, at a bar which used to be called "Hush" but after someone complained their brand was being infringed, renamed itself to "Izi". Hence the title. There are some fantasy elements.
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