October 3rd, 2003


it all went a bit barbie

Pink & BlueWell, so much for giving away the bottle of rose-scented ink. I just couldn't resist going two-tone for this week's strip with the result that the non-plotted scene I drew out to test the pen on my regular paper (it turned out not to have enough draw and the ink didn't pull down from the pen -- and when encouraged, it puddled -- but I think the gold-flecked cream textured paper may do better, if I have any left over from my sister's wedding) went from the tentative title of "Bacchae and Sappho" to the rather blunter (but more approachable) "Pink & Blue". I could probably also do with working a bit larger. Narrative may return next week, unless I get completely fixated on drawing erotic scenes on exotic sofas.
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