October 28th, 2003


that crazy english artist

It's Turner Season again. Art has been "colonised by the incomprehensible classes". My time has been colonised by page-a-day projects. I use them to stave off depression and terminal lassitude, but they can swell to unmanageable proportions. There are currently three running; The Fashion Calendar, the (possibly ill-advised) Gorey Year Tear Calendar and dropandgiveme50.

I started on dropandgiveme50 to practice quick production of 50-word chunks of text so as to speed up review writing. I can now judge 50 words to +/- 3 and writing reviews takes a fraction of the time they used to. At the outset, I planned to do it for three months -- once I got to six, it seemed silly to stop before a year. By the same token, a year is a good amount and I will stop after Oct 31, though I won't be leaving the community entirely as I suspect I'll still need it to vent the odd annoyance.

The other two will run out when the year runs out. I have some ideas for others. They might vget out of my head, or might just turn toxic and fester.

In the meantime, at least I can draw bands.

The acoustic night worked out OK, actually; annoyance at ludicrous poetical euphemisms for shagging and borderline-offensive chirpy-chappy humour more than compensated for by a good table with enough light to draw by, the company of my bitchy-sweet sister, and a wildly eclectic fast-track lineup (no-one played more than three songs). We talked about skirts and listened to some very surprising sounds; I leched at pretty girls with guitars, Elle politely ignored this.

And while we're on the subject, despite all the objections to gay clergy, Christians are cool with homoerotica -- remember, now, you can look, but don't sin!

Oh, and I did the trick-or-treat meme, but the results are too distressing to post. You're all bastards.
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