November 3rd, 2003


bustard, blackbird and barbie w/added gig list

A few years short of bringing back the wolf, but permission has been granted to bring back the bustard. Go go Great Bustard! You will greatly improve the Salisbury Plain.

After my weekend of missing gigs (sorry Dickon, Mark, Ben ...) I decided it was time to buy some tickets -- Chicks on Speed this Wed, Electric Six next month. I did this at the weekend instead, among other stuff.

The neurotic blackbird (so traumatised by urban life he just sat on my neighbour's TV arial alarm-calling all day) has returned! I thought he had been eaten by one of the hordes of local cats, but perhaps he had just been on holiday, as I heard him the other day, tick-tick-tick-tick ... he even tried a little bit of song! A bit rushed and panicked, maybe, but definitely song. Best wishes to Blackbird.

I forgot a meeting this morning. But I remembered lunch. I'm a winner!

Barbie-themed object oriented programming lesson. "As discussed in class, it is not possible to create a Transvestite class that extends from both the Male and Female classes, rather, we have to make Male and Female into interfaces and have Transvestite implement both interfaces." Oh-kay ....
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