December 9th, 2003


it's only when you lose a thing that you really understand what you had

It really did look like we'd emptied everything out of the cottage after our fabulous weekend of comicbook fun, didn't it? However, I can now reveal that when we left Hornston (sp?) Cottage it actually still contained something. My weekly strip script folder; probably in that handkerchief-sized living room, either pushed under the chair in the corner, where I had a big pile of stuff, or dropped down the back of the sofa where I perched while finishing off that last page. So, what did it contain?
  • All my uncompleted weekly strip scripts (except the one I was doing at the weekend) including "Where do you come from?" "Bad Windows" and the next episode in the mud series -- it had a very counterintuitive title which I can't remember.
  • Minnie 4 Dennis, including reference material and character sketches -- a strip about a couple of old UK comics book characters
  • Preliminary script pages, notes and character ideas for the "whores" project (with Sascha Mardou and Lucy Sweet).
  • Scripts for tracks 2-4 (track 1), early and current versions.
  • Basic scripts for three google minicomics.
  • Sketches for a slightly saucy series of Oxfordish scenes.
  • Ideas for some pictures of the band Fosca.
and yet somehow, what I'm most worried about is that it's in an ugly pink folder with an embarassing picture on it I drew in biro when I was about 17. I should really replace those folders.

I've rung the owners and passed on my address, so it's now in the hands of Collatia (goddess of small press comics). If I get it back I shall sacrifice magic fish and wooden dormice to her (and send Mr Underworld a big bunch of flowers). Maybe I should sacrifice a few now, to be on the safe side.

What was that, little quail? If I scripted on computer I wouldn't have this problem, you say? Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
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