January 13th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

not really had time to do a weekly strip this week

have ink, will travelBut I figured out a way to pack the new silver shorter dip pen, ink and a snapped-off paintbrush into a travelling box, and drew pictures on the train to my sisters, and then at night after everyone had gone to bed, so that can be this week's strip. Had to redo some unshrinkable lettering. The sketch pad is a pretty thing, too -- one of those ones you've had for ages, but not got around to using. It looks like this:

I put purple streaks in my sister's hair
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2020 lack of vision

cheer up, cheer up

Go late-night shopping at the Debenhams sale, force the assistants to open the closed changing rooms, buy improbable trousers vastly reduced in price. Spend an evening talking story structure and sexual frustration with a friend. Pull out the gigantic Beardsley book from its structural position on the bookshelf, sod the pile of comics behind. Perve gently at erotic bookplates. Stroke the Monsoon sale, buy a 70% reduced cardigan that won't be washable (too many beads) and a black horn bowl for libations. Use up the last of my calm blue deep moisturising body paint. Go blow £12 on Strawberry vodka, drink beer called Export Hell and delete everything work-related on the home computer (more room! more room!). Go to Red Star for gyoza and yaki soba, even though it's monday. Plan for tea + booze + games for Friday. Walk bareheaded in the rain, cold notwithstanding. Find hope in the IRC bible, dress up Jesus as Satan, then (to be fair) dress up Satan as Jesus. Abuse father's christmas present (two frightening owls and a pair of socks) to win tickets to an interesting gig. Look through the diary of Chihuly installations. Buy a packet of misshapes from Thorntons and then leave them in scent-range, on the desk at work. Be amused by the concept of The Queer Real Ale Guide. Cheer up, Cheer up.
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