January 31st, 2004

glasses on the webcam

everybody has superpowers

whatever gets you through the nightJust scraped in this week's strip on the last day of the month ... between snow, half-day meetings and the demands of the living room floor, it has been a busy week. Some notes for those who may be interested:
  • Brie and onion marmalade baguettes may be purchased from Mortons on Oxford Broad Street.
  • I was originally going to use a bit of King Lear for panel six, but it was far too wordy -- the quote I ended up using is from ... oh, you know.
  • Panel 7 is on George Street in Oxford. Our "entertainment district".
  • If you think this strip is about you, you are probably right.
Did I miss you out? What's your superpower?
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    Salome's Last Dance - Ken Russell