February 10th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

sore feet anxiety with added Ladyhawk

Trepidatious about the Scissor Sisters gig tonight. The punishment of spending Friday in funeral shoes has blossomed (three days later!) into limping agony. Also, an evening weirdly punctuated by chores and anime led to my watching Ladyhawk deep into the night while reading The Fortean Times.

I've been curious about it (Ladyhawk, not the Fortean Times) for years as it seems to be one of the regular fliers in geek masturbation jokes. Having watched it, I'm still rather confused. Rutgar Hauer naked in a hole in the snow? Michelle Pfeiffer having an arrow yanked out of her? Confused, and vaguely disturbed...

Huh, I wanted to be able to dance tonight. I'm not even sure I'll be able to stand up. How can my feet be hurting this much?

I won't be able to make it to the Zutons tomorrow, as I have a work do to go to. Just as well, or it would have been a three week gig, what with Eberg on Friday. Thursday is the gallery opening, though given that I have no invite or anything they might just turn me away at the door; we're sorry, madam, you're not arty enough for us.

French schools are still trying to ban the veil; personally, I hate it, but I also hate t-shirts which say "stop staring at my tits" on them and kitten heel trainers. Should these signifiers of sexual difference also be banned? Somewhere I have some pictures of butch black men wearing elaborate veils; a french designer, I think. I'm always amused by the women who go on about how a Burkha stops you having to worry about what you're wearing. No-one in my area dresses as elaborately as the women who have to concentrate all their glamour, status and beauty into an eyespace and the occasional flash of ankle. No, no, to veils. Men don't need more reasons to despise women. Women don't need to show more contempt for men.

Saturday will be Jo's unvalentine party, where I will drink champagne and try and come to some conclusions about being single. Batchelor. Batchelorette. Spinster. It's funny how the first two hold the expectation of a different future, while the third firmly does not. Unci.

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