February 12th, 2004


I got fleshbotted and boing-boinged all at once

and now my site is all sore.

But given the write-up I was given, I'm not surprised.

Heck, I'd follow that link. Oh, wait, it's *my* site. Fishcakes. Well, at least the Tiny, shiny dykes to watch out for are easy enough to find from the home page of my real site. You know, the one where we'll just get charged more if we exceed quota.

EDIT: Right, it's over here now. I think I told everyone I needed to. Oooh, the giddy excitement.
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2020 lack of vision

still reeling from being boingboinged

But I've recovered enough to shove the offending (alluring?) pages over onto my real website (here). I think I told everyone I needed to. Oooh, the giddy excitement.

I also managed to get my Large Chunk of Work finished. Just. Could I make consultation by Ofsted an attractive proposition for young people? Well, I gave it a good try. In its favour it's short and has pretty pictures.

In a grand demonstration of the ups and downs of things, the exhibition fell through. I'm neither especially unhappy nor terribly surprised, to be honest, but disappointed. "They said it wasn't modern art and made us take it down," was the explaination I got -- which is fair enough, it isn't, it's a zine.
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