February 18th, 2004


a busy night which is also a to-do list

This morning I had a dream that we were all (yes, you too) at a huge party and wearing strange black-and-white masks in lots of different shapes. Disappointingly, Gene Kelley didn't turn up, though some innovative decorating choices showed pleasing attention to detail. Where was I? Oh yes:

Last night began well with sitting scripting (while waiting for Damian) next to a garrulous Indian gentleman describing his (really rather interesting) sex-love-and-friendship life to his more reticent (I think) Armenian friend. I scripted to a backdrop of sleazy tutors and romantic friends, scary times with strange men and the mascara of knowing female relatives; think it had a good effect on the strip, overall.

Then onto the pub where the big news was that Caption has a venue this year -- an enormous relief. Since our old venue finally confirmed the offer we had to refuse, Caption's been in a state of uncertainty, and we've been unable to plan ahead, especially difficult for the exhibition (my responsibility). (Details here.) Busy and fun -- lots of people came to the pub this week, new, old, far-flung ... I forgot to bug everyone to go visit Blue this weekend, but everything else got discussed three times over, so much so that it wasn't till after closing time we got to ...

The Cellar where we'd missed all the bands except for The Evenings. This was my first view of the Cellar's new stage; with its red glowing sides, ceiling-height speaker stacks and strange trough at the back, it looks like the bridge of a spaceship, with space left for cameras. It started a bit brrrrrrr, but quickly warmed up into big masses of wailing sound and punishing beats (Captain Seb, the drummers canna take it!) which was fun, although my work clothes are not that great to dance in. The band occasionally looked like they were literally being driven insane by the music. Probably just faking it to tease concourse.

At the end of the night I was collared by excited Trailerparker Paul who was all starstruck about nabbing The Pansy Division to play at the Zodiac for the Trashy night in April (Wed 14). Halfway home I joined the dots and realised I knew him through work, although we'd not met. Has he noticed, I wonder?

The Pansy Division. Wow.
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