March 25th, 2004

end of a decade

select "Be Ordained" "chameleons" or "security cameras" to complete the process

I just got "get ordained as a priest" spam. Do you think I'd look nice in a surplice? I'm not especially religious, but I do like the clothes ...

Girl on FilmApologies to everyone I intended to email last night. When I finally got home I was in too wiped out to do anything except collapse in front a documentary about chameleons Tivo had scored for me. Reinvigorated by tiny shiny lizards with prehensile tails and independently swivelling eye-turrets, I moodily coloured in this week's strip in agonising detail. Not that you can tell from the icon; damiancugley (he usually picks the icon) liked the mean'n'moody B&W panels. I wrote it after a data protection workshop ...

As you can see, my hair's gone a bit shaggy in the last few weeks ... still blue(ish) though. The pub with the scary signs in the toilet cubicles is the Magdalen Arms on Iffley Rd, though they don't quite say what I said they did. Tuesday nights are 2for1 on Belgian beers! Do you like my pajamas? They're from Jamz.

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