April 2nd, 2004

end of a decade

The Jeremy in The Rush Hour

Outside it's all sirens and yelling; the warm spring air is making people crazy. I went out to look at the cherry tree global warming killed last year; its bole is still alive, which is something at least. And bought a primula which immediately wilted. Or maybe they're supposed to do that.

I would rather live in the future than here. I want teleportation quantum rucksacks, solar-powered talking rubbish bins. I don't want to live in the past anymore, surrounded by chicken-wrapped nuclear bombs where the crows nibble your windscreen wipers.

Ever wondered about that hotel you sometimes visit in your dreams? You can visit it on Albrecht Achilles Strasse, in Berlin. In their own words:

The toilet thrones atop a tower and permits voyeuristc peeks into the golden bathtub, spectrally therapeutic and very spectacular! Freedom awaits on the balcony with a parasol and gives you the impression of living in a kaleidoscope, with constantly changing perspectives through strategically positioned, empty picture frames. Whosoever has second thoughts can creep to the bedplace below, safe within the labyrinth from which one can survey the pillow fortress made of potato sacks packed with foam rubber. The bathroom is a gigantic plastic bag - a real sensation!
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