May 20th, 2004

glasses on the webcam

someone left a sand-dune in the gallery

Jake + Dinos w/sausagesOne from the archives this week, in recognition of the astounding show by Mike Nelson at Modern Art Oxford. I scripted it on the day while badasstronaut patiently waited, looking at Modern Art Merchandise, pencilled it some time later, but was never happy with the rhythm, and it ended badly. The realisation that the panels were actually in the wrong order came only this week and I finished the inking just last night. That probably makes this weeks strip the longest (time-wise) I've ever drawn! Strangely unimpressive, for all that. No yummy colours, or sly social comment. Still, going to galleries is something I like doing, a lot, and I chose to write about it. Better still when it's free. Since Modern Art Oxford went free, I often go there in my lunch hour.

Like I did on Tuesday. I wasn't expecting much, the posters looked dull and none of the descriptions had impacted on me much (they all started by saying how important the artist was and, really, do I care?), but what the heck. In fact Collapse ) it really was unmissably good, and if you're in Oxford at all, you should go see. Really, wow.

The exhibition featured in the strip is of course the one that failed to win Jake and Dinos Chapman the Turner Prize. It's always fun seeing something familiar crawling out of the TV set at you, especially on Channel 4. Still, I shouldn't be so starstruck. After all, I've been on The Money Programme.

In other news, Piney Gir did a strip-tease on stage at the Zodiac last night. It was lovely, but didn't make up for the rest of the evening's entertainment.