June 9th, 2004


insect warfare / pirates of Witney

This morning I got in to discover wide open windows and tiny dead flies all over my desk. Neither pigeons nor burgalars appeared to have noticed. This time. The tiny dead fly effect is produced by something banging against the light fitting overhead; the cleaner, probably. which may have been accidental. You never know.

In Witney, there is a Pirate Fitness Studio, with a cheerful skull and crossbones for its logo. I looked up just too late to get a photo. Sandwich de Witney has boring cheese.

On the way to my last meeting with current boss I saw three white doves perched over a lintel, and two crows in a lime tree. On the way back, a magpie flew across the roundabout ahead of the bus and, as we went over the toll bridge, there were two swans fighting in the river, apparently to the death, and then another magpie shot in front of the bus from right to left on the outskirts of Botley. Time to go home and rattle my charms.

This just in: aliens may simply have been trying to boost the skylark population.
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