July 8th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

meme-binge, with added whining

Last night I stayed home and listened to the little pile of cds I have been gathering, and tried to script, while Damian wandered from computer to computer, cursing over things I don't understand. Outside it rained rained rained rained. But at least some good came of that.

It seems that my new Best friend in the world is ladylucy. Previous best-best friend oxfordhacker has dropped off to no. 8, tsk tsk.

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I'm happier than I was. I was given free champagne and crostino (if that's the singular of crostini), I survived another all-day meeting. I had to wait for an hour in a branchline station while rain flirted with falling, and then fell, sideways. The passenger shelter was useless -- I ended up in the bikerack. Those raised wheelbreakers don't make for very comfy seats.

I did the interests one, too, of course; most of these are in the "well, isn't everybody?" category ... but cats? love? lord of the rings?

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The roadworks were all flooded this morning, on the way into work. Rising brown water. I thought about ditches again, and picking fights. I really ought to call lisa. No I oughtn't.

I suppose that this assessment of my journal is fair enough:

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Mood of google: I keep wasting My Money on the Houston Chronicle, I keep wanting the ice ....
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