July 12th, 2004


my muse was on the bus this morning

... I thought he'd left town! Should have guessed that wasn't the case from how much work I've been doing. The weather was bad, but he was still wearing nice shoes, and a strange sleeveless grey waterproof. Unfortunately he'd dumped the rough highlights and messed-up gel look for natural colour and a travis do -- which I now know to be called a "Hoxton Fin". Oh dear, dear, dear ...

He hesitated over the empty seat next to me and one across the way before going for the one further away from me; good choice, as I might have been self-conscious about getting out my scribble pad otherwise. As it was, I scrawled a couple of pages of notes about Blanche Goodchilde, Scourge of the Seven Seas -- hardly my best muse session ever, but nice to see him. Despite the haircut.

Getting into work late certainly has its advantages!
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big-budget nightmare / opportunistic spiders

I think I need to give people flowers again.

Last night I went on that trip to the seaside I keep thinking about. The tourist centre cum-railway terminus was painted dark municipal blue and smelt of cheap paint and condensation. A single room off to one side was designated a museum, but the items in it were of such mind-numbing dullness that I can't name a single display; the coastal path was pretty enough but I set out late, and couldn't catch up with my friends, and besides, the weather was turning threatening, so I came back into town. There was quite a good view out across the bay, where masses of rainclouds were descending like grey veils, and the haze had spun the midday sun into a sickly yellow glow. The wind was getting up.

Abruptly, some of the clouds cleared, and outlined against the stormy yellow light were a mass of ships, all crowded together as if a giant hand had swept across the surface of the bay, pushing them before it and behind them the surface of the sea was sloping upwards into the clouds. As I tried to understand what I was seeing, the boats suddenly rose up and over a vast swell of glittering green-brown water, scored across by two huge diagonal waves, and heading straight for us.Collapse )

Hm, that reminds me of something. Do I have a recurring dream, now?

Speaking of nightmares, another of mine has recently come to London Zoo; The giant lizards are being housed at London Zoo in a purpose-built lair, and do glance over at "see also". Those wacky Komodo Dragons, always getting in trouble.

Got to an out-of-town party at the weekend, here's hoping it'll inspire me to do more. Ping brought strawberry-flavoured mini kit-kats, there was a blackbird nesting in the Virginia creeper, and Adrian and I disovered that (party host) waistcoatmark's barbecue was happy to carry on cooking, even in the pouring rain. Is it just me, or are trains really dirty nowadays?

"Are weblogs inherently “democratizing,” in the sense of giving voice to diverse populations of users? The empirical findings reported for gender and age at the beginning of this essay suggest that they are. Yet public commentators on weblogs, including many bloggers themselves, collude in reproducing gender and age-based hierarchy in the blogosphere" ... [continues]. (via green_amber)

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2020 lack of vision

doodly doodly doooddlllyyy doo

This week's strip actually belongs to last week, Wednesday's all-day training meeting to be exact. I drew it on the back of the ice-breaking exercise. On that subject, has anyone out there heard of Everton Mints?

My knees are laptop-toasty. I can watch Tivo and surf both at once now! Multi-tasking heaven! .... or a whole new world of RSI. Only time will tell.
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