July 16th, 2004


pleased as punch

Mr Warren Ellis* aka mistersleepless locally put a tout in his lj for short fiction for a fast fiction friday. Very short, 200 words, in fact. Well, I am the wordcounter who likes to count, so I sent him 200 words, and he published it, on Die Puny Humans. You don't have to scroll down far to see it; I'm second on the list.** Cheers to jinty for the super-glam picture. Though I suspect that it's more chronological than quality-driven, I'm still rather chuffed that the only thing higher than me on the page is a story about fisting ... which is a bit of a short-fiction top-trump ;)

For those as don't know, Warren Ellis writes and writes and his writing includes some of my favourite comics.

The big stand-out in recent times has been Two-Step, a three-parter about a wired-up cam-girl and a zen hit-man. Most of the story is a scooter ride through London; it's like a tourist guide to a future where life didn't get particularly worse or better, just more intense and interesting. His nutso future London -- all classic gangster jokes, cartoon diversity, media autophagy, authentick traditionality -- looked like the crazy runaway scion of the one I visit, from time to time, and the people in it were having a good time, or at least not an unrelentingly grim time. An interesting time, with all that that entails.

He also wrote Lazarus Churchyard, which is one of my all-time favourite comics, but I'm all adjectived out, now.

But definitely pleased as punch.

*This is not actually Warren Ellis. It's my favourite picture of the first page of his google image search.
**I'll lose my privileged position as the day goes on -- if you get there and can't spot me, the direct link is here.
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