July 18th, 2004


the fox dream

Somewhere in the dreams I was having this morning things got very anguished; I was in a hospital, lost, stuck in a malconstructed collision of doorways, none of the doors would open and some japanese drowning ghost was going tapatapatap at the fanlight. So (like you do) I closed my eyes and tried to wake up.

Instead the black behind my eyelids resolved into green, and then red, orange, yellow and finally white. I opened my eyes and I was in fresh air and clean snow, stretching off as far as I could see. At the end of a line of delicate foorprints, there was a fox stood in the snow, looking back at me. I chased! It ran fast, I ran faster! Jumped forward, caught its brush in my mouth. Caught! Then I opened my mouth and let it go, and it ran off into the light of the morning. I spat long hairs out of my mouth, and made a sort of laughing that made no noise, but was extra especially happy.

Ridiculously happy. Now, why was that?
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