July 22nd, 2004


shiny golden fan-cases

Damian showed me his new power supply last night. It *is* rather sexy, actually, he's right -- my recommendation was to chop the case rather than file the supply (he has an overlapping flange problem). Bolt cutters should do it, I think. If Tim doesn't have any, Adrian should.

Was visited in my dreams by dickon_edwards, jinty and concourse. Quite mundane stuff, we were sitting in a nice cafe, drinking tea (iced mint tea for me). My best theory is that my head was celebrating having found a newer, cheaper, better green hair dye by collecting friends of similar hair colour. I seem to remember sparkling conversation, but you know how dreams are; I'm probably remembering a blank space, marked "sparkling conversation".

Weirdly, I seem to have scored a significant success at work. I'm not sure how, and I'm rather confused. I did present this as a possibility to my then manager at the time, but frankly, it was a long shot and I'm astounded it came through. That's the funny thing about the web, I suppose. You throw stuff out there, but what happens after that is strictly up to Them.

Damian's new server is even sexier than the power supply. It's silver, curvey, and has a perspex front that glows, bluely. Apparently he's having problems making Gnoppix boot from the hard disk, though.

We both got to bed very late last night.
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2020 lack of vision

mmm, crunchy

Today, I had reason to ask myself, what eats starfish? Well, Triton's Trumpets, of course, the famous predator of the coral depredating crown-of-thorns. Harlequin shrimp. A handful of fish species, the odd crab ... and this lady.
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