July 29th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

a real weekly strip will follow very shortly,

my two collaboratoras, Mardou (l) and Lucy (r)but in the meantime, here is an advertisment for Whores of Mensa, the comic I've done with Lucy Sweet and Mardou.

We met at Ladyfest last year, where we were all running comics workshops. We got talking about sex and comics and women and being clever. And shagging famous people, and how that's easier to do in comics than real life.

From me there's a rambling strip about how hard it is to cartoon when there's half-a-dozen dead poets (and Aubrey Beardsley) underfoot. Lucy gets advice on laminate flooring from Justin Timberlake, and learns all about his passion for wood. Mardou gossips about philosophers and kung-fu masters, and also contributes the brutal and moving Farehnheit 50/50, set in a nightmare future world where comics are banned. Though that may just have been an excuse to tell the Dave Sim/Tits n'Clits joke.

Cost is £2.50: they will be for sale at Caption.

"quite simply one of the best comics I've read all year" - Pete Ashton, Bugpowder

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