August 3rd, 2004


all of your efforts are in vain, in vain

So much for the "organic insecticide" -- scary bush #2 (sorry, habitat #2) was just as buzzy and vile this morning.

Last night used up the last two journeys on my coach card to London to visit my lovely sister. At the moment, she has red hair and I have green. Together, we look like 3D glasses. She uses me as an excuse to visit an acoustic night in Putney, as I like music. Hmm. But I'm not really here for the music (antifolk is about the only "acoustic" stuff I enjoy) I instead use it as a sort of life-drawing-with-too-many-clothes session (they have tables). Between sessions (they have a strict 3-songs-only rule, one of the best things about the night) somebody leaned over and accused me of stealing lyrics. To be fair, I had written some words next to the hobbit-mopped singy-boy who had raised titters earlier by almost swearing ... but they only said, "repeat the last line and strum". It was really too hot for going out, anyway; it didn't look like there was anyone else there who didn't know the artists.

In addition to the artist sketches, I also scripted a weekly strip called "to-do list for acoustic night". It's missing the final panel, but as Damian pointed out this morning, that's kind of apt.

Irrelevant aside: I wonder if there were lesbian dinosaurs.

Celebrity watch: Dogs need gardens too.

Bad news: Beta Band to Split.

Mood of google: I have to pay for filing fee every time I renew my work permit, I Just Can’t Sleep!!
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