August 6th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

it's all waiting

Evening #12,066I'm in a bit of a black mood. Sick of things, mosquitos, heat, that bloody printer, all those silly sing-song rhymes that go round and round in your head. I've put it all out into this week's strip, where it belongs. Really ought to photograph this hair ... More wine tonight; I found a posh retsina in Oddbins, which seemed like a bit of a contradiction in terms. It didn't have enough resin in it, not even worth a warning.

Staggered home, struggling for breath, and the rain came down while I was in a choked bus; idiot passengers deciding the risk of stray raindrops was greater than the risk of asphyxiation, escaped from closed window stifling into air so water-full I should have been trying to evolve gills. And the puddles! In the end I just waded through the ones on Cowley Road, though I skirted the ones on Randolph Street; the water wasn't clear, and god alone knows what was in it. Peeled off soaked clothes, glad of my plastic shoes that would dry well enough. The laptop wasn't really wet, my handbag's plastic had protected the palm and my sketchpads. Eyes full of acid rain but nothing ruined. Still, this tropical weather isn't me at all. I'm supposed to live in a temperate climate.

When it's this hot all I want to do is drink gin and be hateful.
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