August 9th, 2004


simple joy

I was just reading through my post-appraisal notes; my boss had used the word "subsumed". I will celebrate by using extra-long words today.
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2020 lack of vision

hosting the mosquito party of the season

First response back on the new consultation. It only went up last week, and it hasn't been publicised at all yet. This is beginning to creep me out.

My room is the hot pick-up joint for mosquitos. Last night I killed the last one at 3.30am, Saturday it was 6am. I started out only killing the females but now I'm just killing them all. The males just encourage them (the females). I may go insane from lack of sleep soon. Unless the heat gets me first.

Last night while mozzie-bating I went to google with two questions:

1. Should I be worried by a reddish ring in my Pink Fir Potatoes? (no)

2. How much is a non-lethal dose of arsenic? (one grain)

The night before that, I read a pink cover romance (Spindle's End, by Robin McKinley).

Why wasn't I making zoetropes, scripting, doing my page for the Caption booklet? Well, I'd gone to bed because I was too tired to do anything else. And then I had to kill all the mosquitos in the room. One by one by bloody one. I'm using an Anthony Burgess paperback. If anyone knows of a better method, speak now. No pesticides, buzzing noises or gas.

Is it just me who finds the phrase covertly cemented kind of delicious?

Oh, and adding to the hormonal and pesticidal contamination of the country's groundwater we're now being polluted by antidepressants. Wonder if my Brita water filter can deal with that?

Mood of google: I want to eat Annie's brain! I want to drink tonight.
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