August 12th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

two thin pigeons

On the fence this morning. Lemon oil joins watch lost somewhere in drifts of scraps and glue. Suppose I must clear up some tomorrow. Uplighter lethal, three dead today including a doubtless endangered bumble bee. Wasp kept trying to eat my glue and/or get tangled in my hair. Obviously a fan. Spin, spin. Greased marbles?

Caption Stuff: Programme booklet went to print yesterday, so no more last-minute submissions of artwork, please. Yes, Terry, yours was rather lovely. I forsee a bidding war ... Friday night warm-up drinks are at the Royal Oak pub, which is at the St Giles end of Woodstock Road, opposite the Radcliffe Infirmary, from 7pm. They do food, but not very late (gastropub, limited menu). American Splendour is on Friday and Saturday 11.30pm at the Phoenix Picture House, people might go on there after the pub. My comics workshop, "Autobiography of Everybody", is on Sunday afternoon.

Any more enquiries about caption, please use the contact details on the caption website. Thanks.

Oh, and zoetropes, kids -- just say no.

Hmm. The pigeons didn't come back for the bread I put out. Oh well, it'll wash away ...
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