August 19th, 2004


happy holidays

artist's holidayYeah, fair enough. This week's strip isn't really anything of the sort ... just a muddle of bits and pieces from Caption and my three-day holiday (last day today). No I didn't go anywhere. Well, I went to London yesterday, but that's practically just staying home (the bus-driver gave me a Danish Pastry!) ... especially given that I spent most of the day hanging out with andypop rambling about art, dodging rain and watching queer karaoke, which is like straight karaoke but with much better hair.

Oh, and guess what? New mad stuff at the Tate Modern. Up in nude/body/action there's a new Olafur Eliasson -- the guy who did the Weather Project -- perfect for anyone who ever wondered what it might be like to sit inside one of those colour-changing lights. Stay in there for a while, and look out for aura-like colour fringes around other people. Also, Scrapheap Services by Michael Landy is probably best seen soon; we talked to an attendant with pretty pink hair, who told us that the little people are all just walking out of there. They were trampled into the floor all through the next room (subversive objects).

But today I just wrapped myself around a bit of spare time. Time to laze around reading The Fortean Times and Demo, to listen to CDs by bands that don't exist any more, upload a picture to the Mirror Project, try out my new pencils in my modern art colouring book, look through The Best of Beardsley and listen to the rain.

Hey! I have Toogle Juice!
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