August 23rd, 2004


I'm not going to be much use at this meeting I don't think

Seeeethe! I was just down OxPrint to do paste-up copies for the gestalt autobiography workshop comic (if you took part, you can expect a copy later this week) and the paper tray had been massively overstuffed with paper rammed in any old how, I was 15p down before I figured out what was going wrong. But I'm not at my best this morning. This afternoon.

Joy! Lovely Jeffrey Lewis is playing The Cellar in Oxford. Maybe he's playing near you, too.

Relief! The bit of my comic (this is a longer one, aiming to have the first issue ashcanned for Winterval) that I kept drifting away from had a missing scene (about a card from Madam Yoho's Traditional Tantric Brothel) which I've now identified (though not yet inserted) and I feel much better about it.

Disappointment! Last week's Picky Picky game went unchallenged (post-caption langour taking its toll) although, sweetly, people are still voting ...

EDIT: Damian, I'm sorry I shrank your laptop case. If only it had had washing instructions.
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Complaint: Bus driver trapped leg in door

This evening, when getting onto one of your buses, the bus-driver closed the door on me, trapping my foot and knocking me over.

I was in a short queue, behind two young men, with no-one behind me. The bus was about to leave, but I saw that the busdriver had noticed me and stepped up, expecting him to open the door.

However he instead continued to close the door (his view of the door was abscured by two men he was selling tickets to, so he may not have been aware that my foot was on the bus). I moved backwards, but not fast enough, and my leg was caught in the door, knocking me backwards into the gutter, leaving my foot caught in the closed door, scattering my laptop and bags into the puddles (it had recently been raining heavily).

Fortunately, as I said, the bus driver knew I was there, so he opened the door, freeing me. He then proceeded to shout at me from the driver's booth that it was my fault. It was only when he noticed that I was still (far too stunned by what had happened to react) on the ground that he came out to help me to my feet. He explained to me that getting onto a bus when the doors are closing is dangerous, adding, "well you've found that out now".

He was anxious that I hadn't been injured, and repeatedly asked me if I was alright.

He did not, though, at any point apologise for deliberately closing his bus door on me, trapping my foot and knocking me over backwards into the gutter.

While I appreciate that sticking to schedules on rainy evenings is difficult, and one more passenger trying to get on can be annoying (although there was plenty of space on his bus) I do think that reacting in this way could potentially be very dangerous.

As it happens, all I suffered was wet and dirty clothing, some bruises and damage to my shopping, but landing heavily on the ground could easily have injured me severely. Perhaps you could please stress to the driver that closing his door on a person to try and persuade them not to get on his bus can be dangerous?

Although, to pass his words back to him, I expect he's found that out now.
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