September 3rd, 2004

2020 lack of vision

escape from now into a glowing world of ink and paint

Ah Mike Mignola, how inky your shadows are; how rich and vivid your colours, how they seem to glow ...

And yes, finally, crushed miserably between that gruesome Tom Hanks movie and the equally despicable-looking Open Water, Hellboy has achieved release in this country ... and last night, I caught it on preview. Collapse )

EDIT: Looks like I'm not the only one that found the movie inspirational.

Incidentally, I am now going to judge every post I make against the baby picture.

This week's strip -- about half as interesting as a baby picture.

This post -- probably won't get any comments at all. After all, I don't think a taste for tall turquoise men is going to be common, even among people who were the right age when they were reading Brendan McCarthy comics ...

Mood of google: cry for help, don't cry for me, Iran.

And now I'll go back to watching the BBC news site. Pfff.
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