September 6th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

still refusing to prioritise

Also on the earworm playlist at the moment; MC Honky's Sonnet no. 3 (Like a Duck). Just wanted to share.

If you can't read your old versions, somebody else will: the e-gov bulletin describes the NHS's deployment of Sun's Java Desktop system as "the first large-scale public sector defection from Microsoft desktop software" (probably meaning, in the UK). According to Richard Barrington (Sun's head of government affairs and public policy) lower cost isn't the only reason to switch to a mix of software suppliers; "We've had to work very hard to make our products access data stored in old Microsoft formats for example. We know of some government bodies that access this data using Star Office because Microsoft's new products like XP can't do it."

Oh no! Continuity crisis hits the picky picky game as inexpicably the artists favour Antons the public liked, but not quite enough to vote them in. I'm smug because I remembered to hedge my bets (see right) but my urge towards double entendre has left them heading fast towards that "goodnight everybody!" moment. This week, your task (if you chose to accept it) is to keep the Picky Picky game out of the gutter. Or not. Weren't we just talking about naked blue men? Anyway ...

I've not been doing anything interesting. I've been faffing around all day and drinking vodka and writing a comic at night. That's right, a long comic. Many pages.

Whores of Mensa is selling out. Order now ...
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