September 7th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

tuesday morning, going to work

Hmm. I get the distinct impression than my 10.30 isn't going to show ... darn, you mean I don't get to talk about forging young peoples' participation webgroups after all?

Term's returning. Went passed a woman dressed in a beautiful balldress this morning on the way into work, hair pushed back above a scowlingly academic face, you know, the sort that looks like it's wearing glasses even when it's not. Actually, she was dressed in orange and black, she might have been a stray Harry Potter extra, maybe we should skip Ripley's Believe it or Not at the St Giles Fair and see if we can find a film unit instead this lunch time ...

Scored last-minute review tickets to a garden show last night; wow, the nights are really beginning to draw in. We were too busy laughing to get cold ... I'm not sure if I've ever seen The Comedy of Errors before (Shakespeare, the one with two sets of twins), but I'm sure I've never seen it done better. The leading lady was particularly fine, she had this whole Katherine Hepburn thing going on (which reminded me of geroge) and the two male leads were laughing, clowning (and singing) like Gene Kelly and Donald O'Conner in Singin' in the Rain. When they weren't spatting or bitching about girls, that was. Then there was Richard Eckles in a toga. Rrrraow. I'm not used to seeing a toga and bondage gear in the same production, but for them it worked. The whole Eric Idle thing, too. Again, Shakespeare adaptation of Plautus and Monty Python not a natural mix ... eh, what am I saying? Of course it's a natural mix. The same, with more words.

There's a poster in town at the moment I really want to improve*. From the corner of your eye it looks like someone getting a blowjob; then you turn and look and it's actually a guy shoving a gun into the bleeding mouth of a semi-dressed young man he's just beaten up. Urrrrgh, talk about two things you don't want associated. Especially at ten in the morning.

In the meantime, the Spambot at Nanaimo has outdone itself this morning with a message from Groggier P. Wistful, entitled "Cleanskies: looking for my little teddy bear finch". Aw, endearments now. I've never been sent so much poetry!

No, I'd say this meeting is definitely off. Yay!

* But there are just too many of them.
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notes to self

Stick with this difficult but interesting piece on women in combat. Note the bit about protesting the burkha.

Blimey. You turn away for a moment and your MP resigns from cabinet, and will now be spending more time with his family and constituency, i.e. you. Will this improve Cowley Road or gentrify it?

Growl and tear out your hair as people consult adults about what children should be told about sex. Perhaps they should try asking the children, eh? ... and while we're at it don't bother commenting to the BBC as your comments aren't reflecting public opinion while those of the abstinence lobby are. You are in a minority, do not forget this.

Cheer up; remember the picture of the savage Polar Bear Family looking up at the Arctic Coring Expedition? Be of good cheer. There are asphalt volcanos under the sea, and before people could take photos of the ice, they made Polar Expedition magic lantern slides.
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