September 10th, 2004

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bullying and mobbing - illustrated blogs

The government's been updating its anti-bulling guidelines to schools on bullying, so I spent yesterday afternoon looking through it to see if we needed to update our pages. Collapse )

The concept of mobbing (here referring to social rather than physical attacks) is a hot one in workplace bullying, too. A google search took me to Analog -- Psycho-Social Abuse in the American Workplace Now. Chock full of fantastic essays about how the annoying habits of your co-workers may actually be constructive dismissal* orchestrated by your over-machievellian boss; I particular recommend Isolation - Social Construction of non-existance, and the magnificant Mobbing Dilbert - Low Intensity Warfare. I'm inclined to throw Occam's Razor at it and point out that sometimes annoying people are simply annoying, however you may find some interesting resonances with your workplace ... if so, I recommend that you print it out to a shared printer, leave it there till your boss finds it and then tell him you only printed it out "for a friend". For extra credit, apologise sincerely for using company equipment at the same time. Machievellian? Moi?

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* Cultural Note: In the UK you can do your boss for constructive dismissal, i.e. making your working life unpleasant or inconvenient enough that you feel obliged to leave.

Lovers of pretty pictures, be aware: Natalie Blaugustine suggested that I might join the Illustrated Blogs Webring which has links to some great illustrated blogs. If you're blogging pictures (not photos, artworks) about your life (and I know some of you are), go and join!
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