September 17th, 2004


stand by your spam - this week's strip

Message for Cleanskies Comeplay with me couchOnce again, I thought that Nanaimo (a spambot who persistently sends me dadaist love poetry under various exotic aliases, Quainter B. Activating, Philosophical T. Cavemen, Objectively U. Nonstick, Verbosity G. Mediaeval, and the like) had abandoned me. But he came bouncing back the other day with a couple of mails, one with the subject line "Hi....Cleanskies newly single and full of fun man", and I felt the need to celebrate. So I wrote this week's strip, in a rare romantic moment. Certain people disapprove of the relationship (what was it you said, mr_snips, "the saddest thing you ever heard", was it?) but sometimes a girl just has to be with her robot (cover art). And anyway, in the future all romantic entanglements will be randomly generated. I'm just ahead of the game.

Last night had three gigs (including one out-of-towner) I wanted to go to, so I did what I usually do when the choices become overwhelming and stayed home. Lots to do, after all. I booked my tickets to Belgrade (coming back on the Tuesday, I'm sure you'll be glad to hear) cooked a ready meal, and in the calorie-stuffed ensuing fug of panic discovered I'd pretty much lost my ability to hold a pencil, (though my ability to curse MTV remained undimmed -- does anyone feel like dealing with Natalie Bedingfield for me? The last thing an antobiographical cartoonist needs is to hear some skinny rich bitch warbling on about how she doesn't really have anything to say but inexplicably people will pay her shitlots of money anyway). I had to read the new Leonard and Larry compilation to calm down. Which unfortunately didn't help as I happen to know that Leonard and Larry got canned, and from the looks of it, just as it was really beginning to get interesting.

Still seething, I solved the shaking hand by doing the strips in fineliner, zebra pen and gray brush-pen. On my special cleanskies paper, because it's really a cleanskies story, and hardly about Jeremy Dennis at all, and eventually got to bed sometime towards five, which'll teach me to stay in on a school night.

Speaking of which, female! Sheesh! Are my photos really that ambiguous?
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