September 28th, 2004

end of a decade

found out what the morning is good for (it's not all bad)

Editing video. Something about the combination of patience, calmness, and attention to detail sits well in a morning head. That said, right now I'm relaxing prior to a nighttime session. Thought I could edit in the pub. Wrong. Can't hear the audio over people talking. Edited up some garden stuff, though; don't need focus to pick up a bad joke about a coot. (This is the Caption video, incidentally. As swisstone, oxyrhincite, bugpete, sparkymark and assorted others feature prominently, I thought you might like to know.)

Siiiigh. Caught my eye a busdriver braking at the lights, with a huge mass of bright-red hair worn loose like a princess; she looked at me coolly, and drove on. Then a young boy and his grandmother holding hands by holding the hands of his spidey action figure. Cartoon leaves. Finding the top I had decided I wanted and was sure I wouldn't be able to get anywhere, just like that (thank you, M&S). My muse getting rid of his Hoxton fin. It's not all bad.

The pet-lover's claim that dogs can smell your cancer got its moment in the lab this week ... so far, so amusing, but then an undiagnosed kidney cancer turned a small-scale test of a bizarre medical hypothesis into a tale of the unexpected.

Mood of google: I'm in credit la-la land, I'm out of Friendster. Quite right too, Friendster is very dull. Go join Flickr instead. That said, I really should stop posting about how sick I feel as I seem to be losing a friend per post.
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