September 30th, 2004

2020 lack of vision

the evenings unplugged

the evenings unplugged, originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

They swapped out laptop and keyboards and stuff like that for accordian, sax, complex xylophone duets, and banging on anything available. Plus some class shouting from concourse. Such fun! Poor damiancugley wants the acoustic version of c4 for i-tunes (it's the xylophones) but I think it was a case of if you wanted it you should have recorded it. There are more photos over on Flickr, including a plush pc and photographic evidence of the centipede!

This is me relaxing on the way to bed. I finished the caption movie. I remembered to take the scissors out of my carry-on luggage. I packed my cartoon pants ...

I even found a list of Serbian proverbs online. My favourite: za džabe nema ni kod babe (even god likes to get something for free).

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